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Our Beliefs
Bridging fine Yakitori and our cherished guests.

If the restaurant is seen as a stage, then our customers are always the protagonists. We pay meticulous attention to every step, from sourcing to serving, ensuring you have the best Yakitori experience. Always playing the supporting role, our primary duty is to let you fully savor the depth of Yakitori.
To this end, our craftsmen continuously refine their skills. From preparation to skewering, handling the charcoal, they diligently work to master every aspect essential for delectable Yakitori. More than that, we subtly and attentively observe every gesture of our customers. Whether a regular or a first-time visitor, we strive to offer a comfortable experience for all.
With confidence and pride in our ingredients and techniques, we engage with Yakitori daily, ensuring it never feels overbearing. We aim to create moments where customers can relax and savor delicious Yakitori. This embodies the spirit of hospitality that flows deeply within Omino.

Dedication to Yakitori
The three essentials of
delicious Yakitori.

We use Date Chicken from Fukushima. Selected after experimenting with various local breeds, its moderate elasticity and savory flavor stand out. We daily prepare whole chickens in-store, ensuring fresh cuts like hearts and livers. This also lets us offer rare cuts like back liver. Our flavor enhancers are simple: toasted sea salt and a sauce of mirin, soy sauce, and sugar crystals, all to accentuate the Date Chicken's natural taste.


We combine several types of binchotan charcoal. Our primary choice is the aromatic Kishu Binchotan, which is unparalleled when it comes to grilling yakitori directly. We utilize the types of binchotan that ignite quickly as our fire starters.
First, we lay the quickly igniting binchotan at the bottom as a starter, then add the Kishu Binchotan used the previous day on top. Lastly, we finish by adding fresh Kishu Binchotan. In doing so, we achieve the perfect heat level for grilling yakitori. After some time, a pleasant fragrance starts to waft from the newly ignited binchotan.


At Omino, the skills our artisans possess aren't acquired overnight. Skewering demands delicacy; each skewer must have the same weight and balance, or it won't grill properly. Grilling requires concentration; instead of relying on time, the artisan assesses the chicken's doneness by tapping it lightly against the grill bars, gauging its resilience. The craftsmanship honed over many years ensures the finest qualities of fresh Date Chicken are brought to the fore

Masayoshi Omino

Born in Tokyo in 1977, he was raised in a family that ran an eel restaurant. After graduating from university, he embarked on a career as a systems engineer. Yet, the allure of being a yakitori chef, which he'd experienced during his part-time job as a student, kept tugging at his heart. At the age of 32, he took the plunge, apprenticing at a yakitori restaurant. After 8 years of rigorous training, he opened his own place, "Yakitori Omino", in Oshiage in 2017. The dedication paid off when he was awarded a Michelin star in 2019.
In March 2021, he expanded with a second branch, "Omino Kamiyacho".


Omino establishes its shops with distinct concepts in various towns, each with its unique charm.
While emphasizing the individuality of each location, we convey the allure and deliciousness of chicken.
We would be delighted if you could visit us at least once.

Omino Oshiage
The finest moment of Yakitori,
only experienced at the counter seat.
Yakitori Omino
Oshiage Tokyo
Omino kamiyacho
Savor the essence of Yakitori alongside seasonal Japanese delights.
Omino kamiyacho
Kamiyacho Tokyo
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