Yakitori Omino

Everything we do is for the taste of
perfect "Yakitori".

Every day, we dedicate ourselves to mastering all the elements needed to create delicious Yakitori.
We skillfully prepare the chicken, and with great care, skewer each piece by piece.
Focused intently on the perfect charcoal grilling, we engage deeply with every skewer.
When the moment of peak flavor arrives, it's delivered to you.
So that you can savor that joy and think,"I want to come back here again."

Bridging fine Yakitori and our cherished guests.
If the restaurant is a stage, then our customers are always the main actors. To ensure you have the best experience, we pay meticulous attention to every step leading up to serving our Yakitori. Always working behind the scenes, our most important role is to let you fully savor the depth of Yakitori.
The three essentials of delicious Yakitori.
The conditions for a taste that cannot be experienced elsewhere. They are the 'chicken' suitable for Yakitori, the 'charcoal' that brings about the perfect grilling, and the 'skill' that the craftsmen have honed without sparing any effort. Only when all these come together does it culminate in the flavor that embodies the value of our unique Yakitori."


Omino establishes its shops with distinct concepts in various towns, each with its unique charm.
While emphasizing the individuality of each location, we convey the allure and deliciousness of chicken.
We would be delighted if you could visit us at least once.

おみ乃 押上
The finest moment of Yakitori,
only experienced at the counter seat.
Yakitori Omino
Oshiage Tokyo
Omino kamiyacho
Savor the essence of Yakitori alongside seasonal Japanese delights.
Omino kamiyacho
Kamiyacho Tokyo
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